May 23, 2013 · Tips & Insights

Reaching New Contributors Through Partnering Campaigns


If you’ve contributed to either the Button TrackR or Ginkgo Umbrella campaigns you probably received an email on Wednesday with one of the following two images:


Foto di Raffaele Montillo - Fotografo Bologna Freelance

The first image, which was sent out to Button TrackR contributors, was accompanied by the following message:

Did you know that every year in Tokyo, over 300,000 umbrellas are lost?

One of the reasons we came up with Button TrackR is because we kept forgetting our umbrellas everywhere. With Button TrackR you can now make sure you umbrella stays with you on those rainy days.

In fact, why not upgrade your current umbrella to a sustainable umbrella from our buddies at Ginkgo? They have a great IndieGoGo project that is currently live here:

This simple act of cross-promotion not only makes rational sense — people tend to lose their  umbrellas — but it has also allowed both of these campaigns to tap into entirely new audiences who are already excited about crowdfunding products.

At the time of this posting, Button TrackR has 1,007 contributors and Ginkgo has just over 2,300. By joining forces, each campaign has significantly extended its reach — not to mention the expanded geographic reach: Button TrackR is based in California and Ginkgo is in Italy. Note that this isn’t simply a “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” approach — the messaging and collateral provided by each campaign is thoughtful, clever, and engaging — not spam.

At Indiegogo, we live by a spirit of collaboration, and it’s great to see members of our community joining forces to make their ideas come to life. It’s also a strategy you could think of employing for your campaign!

Which of our Popular Campaigns do you think could also partner? Tell us in the comments!