April 23, 2014 · IGG

New Indiegogo Handbook for Filmmakers Released


We’re excited to announce the Indiegogo Film Handbook is now available for download alongside its physical release at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York!

This new handbook was assembled by collecting years of data, advice from campaigners, and our own team’s know-how to help you make the most of your crowdfunding experience. Inside, you’ll learn how to assemble an ace team, launch a successful campaign, and sustain its momentum well past your funding goal and onto the silver screen.

Film Handbook

Film was Indiegogo’s first campaign category when the platform launched in 2008; since then, our community has seen talent discovered and stories told from across the globe. Filmmakers who used Indiegogo to crowdfund their projects have won an Oscar, Best Documentary at Sundance, and Audience Awards at SXSW several times over. Recent successful campaigns include Steve James’ game-changing documentary Life Itself, which premiered both at Sundance and online for funders simultaneously, and the widest released crowdfunded film, Dear White People. Now, Indiegogo wants to empower even more filmmakers to bring their stories to life.

Today is a great day to start work on your next project, so download the handbook now and go filmmaker go!

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