Sustainable Chic: Meet the Father-Daughter Team Behind the Bobobark Vegan Handbag

We recently sat down with Natacha Seroussi, half of the father-daughter team behind Bobobark, to discuss crowdfunding, handbag design, and the family business.

When most people hear “haute-design handbag from Paris,” many things come to mind. Fashion-forward? Mais oui! Chic? Bien sûr, c’est necessaire! Luxurious? De rigueur!

But vegan? Ce n’est pas normal.

Father-daugher team Elie and Natacha Seroussi are changing that with their Bobobark handbag, which substitutes animal-based materials with cork and other sustainable fabrics. They’ve raised over $2 million via crowdfunding and are only getting started.

We caught up with Natacha in a recent Q&A to discuss crowdfunding, the family business, and drinking wine in the Burgundy region of France. Here’s what we discovered.

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