Author: Desmond Wong

Marketing Tips from 4 Companies at the Top of Their Game

As a doer and a visionary, you put a lot of passion into your product and now it’s time to market it. Marketing is an essential part of any entrepreneurial pursuit – from building an initial audience to raising funds and scaling your business. Uncover the joy in promoting your idea—take inspiration from these four … read more

11 Must-Attend Conferences for Entrepreneurs 2016-2017

In today’s world, connecting with entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives couldn’t be easier with how digitally connected we’ve become. But there is something to be said about face-to-face conversations, learning from industry experts and engaging in conversations with people from around the world in the same room. Being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs can be an eye-opening … read more

Pitching Your Passion: How to Make An Amazing Crowdfunding Video

As you put your crowdfunding campaign together, you’ve probably been wondering about what you need to make a great video. All well-made campaign videos — from the small projects to the great big whales — have one thing in common: they all tell a powerful story. And we want to help you tell a story … read more

Tips on Email Strategy: Turn Your Contacts into Customers

As you build your campaign, you’ve probably thought about driving backers to your campaign by posting on social media and PR. But, did you know that single most effective way to convert visitors into backers is actually plain-old email? It’s true. We’ve analyzed hundred of thousands of campaigns and have found that email outreach is … read more

The 4 Best Ways to Fund Your Startup

You are working hard to build a business and bring a product into the world. And now, you need to find the best way to take your product to the next level and usually that involves funding. Funding can be an intimidating or daunting experience. So we’ve put together 4 proven ways to get a … read more