Author: Kira Sparks

Indiegogo Means Business

Since Indiegogo launched crowdfunding 11 years ago, the company has completely revolutionized the way entrepreneurs make their dreams happen. But even as more and more entrepreneurs use Indiegogo to connect with their first customers, we are especially excited about the most unique and innovative products that are finding success every day on our platform. And … read more


Discover Something Incredible with Indiegogo Collections

At any given moment, thousands of innovative, life-changing projects are taking flight on Indiegogo. But, how do you find the campaigns that you fired up? Today, we’re debuting Collections, a new way to find campaigns that matter to you. Collections feature curated campaigns around topics you care about – whether that’s the latest tech gadgets, eye-opening … read more

Asked & Answered: 5 Burning Questions about the Nervana Nerve Stimulator

Everyone likes listening to music. But a new product called NERVANA takes it to the next level, synchronizing gentle nerve stimulation with your tunes to produce a feel-good, calming effect. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually a functioning system that’s raised more $350,000 on Indiegogo since it launched last month. USA … read more

Humans of New York Smashes Goal to Raise $750,000 for Syrian Refugees

On Christmas Eve, Humans of New York blogger Brandon Stanton shared a very real opportunity to help Syrian refugees. And 18,000 of you decided to take him up on it. Stanton launched a Generosity fundraiser asking for donations to 13 Syrian families – they’d fled the war and now needed support as they settled into new jobs, … read more