Author: Kristine Chuang

You’re Invited to Connect with the Team behind Your Favorite Campaigns Live

Let’s hang out! From AMAs to product demos to fireside chats, you’re invited to connect LIVE with the team behind campaigns like Pakt, Cubo, Ambassador, the Light Phone, and many other top projects. Get up close and personal with the people behind top projects on Indiegogo. Check out the full lineup: Going Light In A … read more


You’re invited to Indiegogo Hardware Happy Hour with mifold in Boulder, Colorado!

Ready to launch your hardware product? Join us Thursday, August 30, for the Indiegogo Hardware Happy Hour with mifold at the Galvanize campus in Boulder, Colorado. Discover how to successfully launch your product by hearing insider tips and best practices from Jon Sumroy, CEO and creator of mifold, and Ilan Cohen, Director of Hardware and … read more


Stress Less: TouchPoints Basic Awarded $75K in Flash Funding from Arrow

TouchPoints Basic is the latest Indiegogo campaign to win flash funding from Arrow, as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Imagine suddenly waking up in the middle of the night, crying, drenched in sweat and your heart beating out of your chest. Confused, you frantically try to figure out what’s happening, but have no recollection of … read more

Powering up: Matrix PowerWatch wins $75K in Flash Funding from Arrow

Matrix is the latest Indiegogo campaign to win flash funding from Arrow, as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Read about their experience developing their product and working with Arrow here. “Winning the Lottery” with Arrow Arrow recently awarded $75,000 in flash funding to the team behind the MATRIX PowerWatch—a smart watch that runs on … read more

Watch Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch has arrived and the show is about to begin! The first 60 seconds of a business pitch may matter more than anything else when seeking an investment. So Entrepreneur Media teamed up with a group of real investors and put entrepreneurs to the ultimate pitch test. The result? Elevator Pitch, the exciting new … read more