Author: Scott Seiffer

Sell on Indiegogo: no crowdfunding campaign required

Today we’re announcing a new pilot program to let entrepreneurs sell products directly on Indiegogo. In this new pilot, entrepreneurs with products that are currently shipping can tap into Indiegogo’s community of innovation seekers without running a crowdfunding campaign. They don’t have to raise a certain amount of money, and their page can be live … read more

Goodbye Surveys. Item Options Gives Campaigners All the Information They Need

Let’s face it: as an entrepreneur bringing your product to market, managing perks is an important but daunting task: you’re figuring out item and size preferences, dealing with shipping address information, prioritizing backers’ personalization requests – and often all while running your crowdfunding campaign. Frankly, it can be quite a lot to handle, especially if … read more

Indiegogo Now Supports Credit Cards for Fixed Funding Campaigns

Starting today, backers can use credit cards to contribute to fixed funding campaigns. We know easy and secure payments are important to backers and entrepreneurs alike. By using a credit card, as opposed to Paypal, it’s easier for backers to contribute to a fixed funding campaign on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Fixed Funding and Apple … read more

Indiegogo Now Supports Apple Pay® on the Web

Indiegogo now supports Apple Pay® on the Web! Backers can now use Apple Pay in the Safari web browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to back campaigns on Indiegogo. Paying happens with just a touch and is quicker, easier, and more secure than ever before. As the first crowdfunding platform to initially support Apple Pay … read more

October Product Update: Introducing Generosity by Indiegogo, Pre-Order (BETA), Refunds, and More

Aside from test-piloting the MicroDrone 3D around the office, October’s been an amazingly productive month at Indiegogo HQ. We’ve made upgrades to our platform and wanted to share the latest product updates with you. Here are 5 impactful October releases: 1) ‘Generosity by Indiegogo’ is live Generosity by Indiegogo is the new home for all … read more