Author: Kat Popiel

Campaign Roundup: Karen Klein The Bus Monitor & Coding for Kids

Daniela Kenda/Growth & Business Development Associate The First 1 For 1 Food Company Location: Chicago, USA I love the campaign’s effort to provide the same high quality organic & vegan product to the hungry in each contributor’s local community. This enables contributor’s to impact change in a local and meaningful way – also nourishing their … read more

Campaign Round Up: A Morrocan Windsurfer & Music Videos for Africa

Crista/Executive Assistant Love & Desolation Location: Toronto, Canada Andrew has done such a great job combining new digital download formats with a love for vinyl!           David/Customer Happiness Agent Project Possum Location: London, United Kingdom Awesome video, great built in fanbase and super fast fundraising – they were at $3,000 two … read more

5 Community Campaigns: The Biggest Yoga Studio in the World & A 24 Hour Camp Trip for Charity

Community can mean different things to different people, but no one can deny that we all know it means one thing: bringing people together.  From a yoga event that aims to gather tens of thousands of people, to the production of a transgender parade, and the expansion of a small business, these 5 campaigns all … read more

5 Ways to Use Indiegogo Beyond Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is more than just about money. Sure, we want you to raise funds for your idea, passion, invention or business but we want you to be aware of the countless other ways the Indiegogo community can support your efforts to take over the world. Here are five ways to use Indiegogo beyond just fundraising: … read more

Campaign Round Up: Socks for Cancer & How to Knit

Bosco/Senior Software Engineer The Brony Project Location: New Hampshire, USA Love it because of the pure wackiness, learning a new word (brony), and that they pivoted to providing money to a charity.   Crista/Executive Assistant Help Launch the Declassified Location: New York, USA These graduates of Carnegie Hall’s Academy have successfully raise enough for their … read more