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July 2020: Top Campaigns

For those still counting, it’s August!  For those who’ve stopped counting — what is time anyway, right? — a quick public service announcement: Groundhog Day was in February, not to be confused with literally every other day since then, and events are still occurring in an irreversible succession from the past into the future. Only … read more


Out-Maneuvering Odors: A Q&A with HercLéon’s Wen Muenyi

It’s a fact of life: clothes smell bad if you don’t wash them frequently. But what if you could engineer odors out of the equation? Wenceslaus Muenyi, the brains behind HercLéon, has cracked the code on keeping clothes odor-resistant for months by getting to the source of the problem — the fabrics themselves. We recently … read more


MOFT Carry Sleeve Raises $200,000 to Simplify On-the-Go Work

For most people, a laptop is more than just a computer — it’s a workspace, telephone, library, television, and supermarket all tucked invisibly into a small, foldable package. So why not apply the same logic to the case that carries a laptop? The team behind the MOFT Carry Sleeve are revolutionizing the laptop case landscape … read more


June 2020: Top Campaigns

Summer’s here! And despite Bowie and Jagger’s opinion on the topic, we say the time is right for glancing at the sheets — spreadsheets, that is, the kind that tabulate our most successful campaigns of the month. That’s right — the sun is shining, the days are long, and with the new month comes a … read more


Sustainable Chic: Meet the Father-Daughter Team Behind the Bobobark Vegan Handbag

When most people hear “haute-design handbag from Paris,” many things come to mind. Fashion-forward? Mais oui! Chic? Bien sûr, c’est necessaire! Luxurious? De rigueur! But vegan? Ce n’est pas normal. Father-daugher team Elie and Natacha Seroussi are changing that with their Bobobark handbag, which substitutes animal-based materials with cork and other sustainable fabrics. They’ve raised … read more

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