Author: Rachel Allen

How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email

Attention Entrepreneurs! Google’s Primer App and Indiegogo have teamed up to create a short lesson on why email marketing is so important for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. Overall, we find that building momentum early can help set up a campaign for long-term success. Campaigns that raise 30% to 50% or more of their goal in the first … read more

5 Ways to Use Secret Perks for Crowdfunding Magic

Introducing our latest feature: secret perks! Secrets perks are a new way to reward loyal backers and attract new adopters. Secret perks are available for certain users via a unique link that you distribute – only people who have the unique link are able to see the secret perk. Pretty cool, huh? People who have … read more

10 Amazing Crowdfunding Pitch Videos 2015

Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns with pitch videos raise four times more funds than those without? A great video can not only encourage people to contribute, but serve as spreadable content that is easy for your backers to share far and wide. We recommend keeping pitch videos under 3 minutes long and making the … read more

5 Easy Tips for InDemand Success

Whether you’re raising funds for a social robot, a tablet, or a smart suitcase, InDemand is a great tool for scaling your crowdfunding campaign into a long-term growth strategy for your business. Since InDemand launched last year, several campaigns have actually raised more funds in InDemand than during their live campaigns.  After looking at some of … read more

Hardware Pitch Video Tips: the First Thirty Seconds

As a Technology, Design and Hardware Campaign Specialist, I spend a lot of time reviewing campaign pages, perks and outreach strategies. Unfortunately, however, I don’t often have the opportunity to work closely with campaigners on their pitch videos. This is a shame because a pitch video is often the most time-consuming and expensive part of … read more