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August 12, 2020 · Tips & Insights

How to assess a crowdfunding campaign

One of the best parts of crowdfunding is pitching in and helping ideas that you care about come to life. These ideas need people like you to bring them to life. After all, the word “crowd” is right there in the name.  When you contribute… read more

May 21, 2020 · IGG

Crowdfunding Is Not Shopping. It’s Better.

Photo credit: Avel Chuklanov Browsing campaigns on Indiegogo can sometimes feel like shopping on other ecommerce sites. You can search for products across dozens of categories, score amazing discounts on items you’ll love, and get gifts for yourself and your loved ones. But crowdfunding is… read more

April 24, 2020 · IGG

April 2020: Top Campaigns

Happy April! Signs of spring are starting to pop up, and we couldn’t be happier. Want to know what makes us even more overjoyed? This month’s top Indiegogo campaigns. All around the world, backers have been flocking to Indiegogo this month to find products that… read more

April 22, 2020 · IGG

Earth Day Round-Up: 6 Campaigns Saving the Planet

Planet Earth may not have an official birthday, but we still get to give Mother Gaia her time to shine: Every April 22 we observe Earth Day, a day when we can show our enthusiasm for environmental movements around the world. Earth Day isn’t just… read more