Author: Samantha Lewis

A COVID-19 Survival Guide for Small Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has flung the entire world into unprecedented territory. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve suddenly found yourself cut off from your community, depriving you of customers and desperately needed financial resources.  Without any certainty about the future, It’s difficult to know the right next moves to make, but one thing is … read more


Experiencing fulfillment impacts from COVID-19? Here’s how to tell backers.

Original post by Stefanie Yu, Global Campaign Marketing Strategist at Indiegogo. The COVID-19 (aka novel coronavirus) outbreak has impacted millions of lives throughout the world, and our heartfelt thoughts go out to members of the Indiegogo community who have been affected. Beyond health and safety, the outbreak has also significantly impacted businesses worldwide.  You might … read more


February 2020: Top Campaigns

The hottest, most innovative products get started by crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and every month brings a new crop of cool new items for you to check out. This February, a variety of fresh gadgets found an audience on Indiegogo. From a powerful 150W powerbank to a wearable that can change your mood on command, here … read more


It Ain’t Just Paint: Bare Conductive Gets $100K in Arrow Flash Funding

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is the latest Indiegogo campaign to win flash funding from Arrow — and final recipient of 2017 — as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Arrow has given away $1,000,000 in flash funding to Indiegogo campaigners in 2017 — but there will be more flash funding opportunities in 2018. Every … read more

Double the fun: GENiUS Ball and Tertill receive $75K in Arrow Flash Funding

Every month, Arrow awards flash funding to an Indiegogo campaign with Arrow Certified Technology. This December, we have multiple winners! Tertill and GENiUS Ball both won $75k in flash funding from Arrow as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Become part of the Arrow Certification Program to qualify for flash funding, and read on to … read more