Giveaway Alert! Win an IoT Starter Kit from Arrow and AT&T!

Calling all developers, engineers, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation. Indiegogo has teamed up with AT&T and Arrow Electronics to give away 10 IoT starter kits. The starter kit will allow you to connect to AT&T’s network and transfer data to and from your device. Using this kit, you can send updates from … read more


Giveaway Alert! Win a Sensorwake Trio – an alarm clock that smells amazing!

Waking up can be a struggle sometimes, but the Sensorwake Trio wants to change that. An award-winning alarm clock, Sensorwake Trio will help you get up every morning by emitting your favorite scents. Stimulate three of your senses – a pleasant smell, soothing light, and gentle sound – and start your day off right. Indiegogo … read more


Indiegogo Teams Up With Weebly + Square to Offer Entrepreneurs 50% Off on Eye-Catching Websites and Online Stores

If you’re crowdfunding a new product, when is the right time to launch its dedicated website? Most successful campaigners do so weeks or months before their campaign ever begins. The reason lies in pre-launch marketing, an increasingly important tactic for any crowdfunder. Essentially, backers, journalists, and potential retail partners are all more likely to pay … read more


AT&T, Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo Propel Next Wave of Internet of Things Innovation

$250K in flash funding, IoT connectivity, access to developer resources and new distribution channels to eligible entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs looking to tap into Indiegogo, the global innovation platform, now have new incentives and new tools to help bring their dreams to life. AT&T is teaming up with Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo through the Arrow Certification Program. … read more


Five Indiegogo Campaigners Win $10K in Flash Funding from Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics gives Flash Funding to qualified Indiegogo campaigners with Arrow Certified Technology. You can qualify for a chance to win by joining the Arrow Certification Program. Five more Indiegogo campaigners across the world have just won $10,000 each in Flash Funding from Arrow, a global technology company that helps entrepreneurs navigate prototyping, manufacturing, and … read more