Category: Case Studies

Out-Maneuvering Odors: A Q&A with HercLéon’s Wen Muenyi

It’s a fact of life: clothes smell bad if you don’t wash them frequently. But what if you could engineer odors out of the equation? Wenceslaus Muenyi, the brains behind HercLéon, has cracked the code on keeping clothes odor-resistant for months by getting to the source of the problem — the fabrics themselves. We recently … read more


MOFT Carry Sleeve Raises $200,000 to Simplify On-the-Go Work

For most people, a laptop is more than just a computer — it’s a workspace, telephone, library, television, and supermarket all tucked invisibly into a small, foldable package. So why not apply the same logic to the case that carries a laptop? The team behind the MOFT Carry Sleeve are revolutionizing the laptop case landscape … read more


Watch Now: Trek, TouchPoints, Tersa Steam, and Garadget entrepreneurs share their Arrow Certification Program experience

 Hear the innovative entrepreneurs behind Tersa Steam, Garadget, Trek, and TouchPoints talk about their experience with the Arrow Certification Program, how Arrow supported them and what Arrow enabled them to do in the successful development of their product. Charlie Warden, Tersa Steam’s CEO, says, “We love Indiegogo because they focus on helping smaller companies … read more

Sondors THIN Electric Bike: The First 72 Hours

In the past few years, electric vehicles have become more and more accessible, which is an amazing step toward reducing our carbon footprints on our beautiful earth. One key player in the electric bike world is Sondors, who raised over $6 million to fund the production of its all-terrain eBike. Now, the team is back … read more

Want To Prove Your Product? Validate On Indiegogo!

Imagine yourself as a product inventor on day one of your crowdfunding campaign. Aside from the exhaustion of defining a product, generating leads, and creating a buzz in social media, there is excitement and anxiety. Whether your efforts will result in success or failure hinges on one question: Will this product sell? For decades, startups … read more