Category: Tech Thursday

Turning To The Crowd for Market Research

This guest blog post was written by Mike Fretwell of Jarden Corporation, the powerhouse behind household brands like Mr. Coffee™, Crock-Pot™ and Oster™. Bringing an idea to life requires a lot of thought, effort and research. Through trial and error and customer feedback, inventors can determine whether or not their products are viable and how to improve … read more

The Importance of Eyeballs for Crowdfunding Projects

This guest post was written by Scott Barrett of OPEN-2 LLC. OPEN-2 and ‘partner-in-crime’ company, International Headquarters, are designers and creators as well as brick and mortar sales agents, excelling in video game sales, film and television production and game making. To date, we at OPEN-2 have had three successes with crowdfunding. Our first was launched almost … read more

Ubuntu Edge & Beyond: What We Learned from Crowdfunding

This guest post was written by Amrisha Prashar, Campaign and Social Media Manager across the devices division at Canonical.  Some of you may remember the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign back in 2013, where an audacious $32 million goal was set in order to build the next generation of personal computing. Ubuntu Edge intended to combine smartphone … read more

How To Crowdfund A Million Dollars

This guest post was written by Jonas Gyalokay, co-founder and CEO at AIRTAME, a company that wants to rid the world from screen cables and help people to work better – wirelessly.  Crowdfunding is the process of turning early-stage funding, getting to product-market fit, building a customer tribe and telling people about your existence on … read more

Notes from China: 16 Days of Maker Wonder!

I just got back from a 16-day, 14-presentation, 100s-of-entrepreneurs, 11-accelerator, 3-factory visit to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei, where my colleague Ben Bateman (@Gilbetrar) and I did a whirlwind tour of the exploding “maker movement.” In the US we might use the term “entrepreneur” rather than “maker”, but whatever you want to call it, … read more