Why Patents Matter to Startups

Why should a startup bother patenting its innovation when the application process takes over 2.5 years on average for utility patents? Though valid, this question misses a crucial point. Patent applications help startups get funded. Get Patents to Get Funded According to a 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey, patents play a significant role in securing funding … read more


Flow Hive Breaks Record for Most Fully Funded International Campaign


Twitch Film’s Todd Brown on the Diverse World of Horror

Canadian Todd Brown is the founder and editor of TwitchFilm.com, a global film resource read by festival programmers, filmmakers, and fans from around the world. Todd is the director of international programming at Fantastic Fest, and a producer of films such as Time Crimes, The Raid, and The ABCs Of Death. Here, in honor of … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.30.14)

Each week, we here at Indiegogo HQ share a handful of the campaigns that we’re talking about around the office. Our amazing community continuously wows us with the projects they’re running – take a look and tell us which one is your favorite!   Publicolor New York, NY “Publicolor’s struggling students are succeeding against unimaginable … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (6.23.14)

  With each roundup, we realize how many great Indiegogo campaigns are running at a time. This week’s selection is great, though by no means comprehensive! Check it out and let us know which campaign you’re most excited about.   Skylock San Francisco “Skylock is a solar-powered bike lock that you control from your cell … read more