A Plate that Counts Calories: Smart Plate Wins $100k in Flash Funding from Arrow

Smart Plate, a plate that can identify any food you eat and analyze its calories, is the latest Indiegogo campaign team to win $100K in flash funding from Arrow as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Become Arrow Certified to join campaigns like Elliegrid and WaterBot to win game-changing funds and gain access to engineering … read more


Design A Professional Campaign Page in Minutes

We’re making it easier than ever to polish your campaign and attract new backers. Indiegogo is teaming up with the expert visual storytellers at Piktochart to offer entrepreneurs a new, slick template to design a campaign page in a matter of minutes. After all, not all crowdfunding campaigners are design-savvy. Much of your focus is … read more

PR Planning Demystified: Step-by-Step Guide to Rocking PR

Most campaigners understandably focus their time and energy on building an amazing product, project or idea – however, some miss one of the most important keys to attracting an audience to their campaign: PR. Understanding how to build an effective PR plan can often make the difference between attracting new people and contributors to your … read more

Trust us, You’ll Want to Bookmark our Essential Guide to Crowdfunding

Unsure how to launch a crowdfunding campaign? Looking for promotion ideas? Want to hear how other campaigners hit their goals? Taking your idea from concept to market is a fun and exciting journey – and at every step, creators like you should have access to guidance, encouragement, and answers to all your questions. That’s why we’ve launched … read more

ITN Source & Indiegogo Documentary Archive Program

          Are you a documentary filmmaker looking for great footage to tell your story? ITN Source can help you with that. Today, we’re launching a Documentary Archive Program which will give Indiegogo filmmakers direct access to historical news and entertainment footage from ITN Source, one of the world’s largest international footage … read more