Your Backers Are Investors – Treat Them That Way

Congratulations! You did it. You completed a successful Indiegogo campaign by being meticulous and having a solid campaign plan. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. Now that your campaign is funded, the best way to continue the momentum is through open communication with your backers.  Whatever stage your project is in, … read more

Design The Perfect Perk Strategy For Your Campaign

Your campaign is nearly ready for launch. Congratulations! Now that you’ve invested countless hours planning, collaborating, and working tirelessly to get to this point, you want the world to know about your launch and back your campaign. Perks are rewards offered in exchange for a contribution and are a great way to incentivize people to … read more

Contests Could Be Your Golden Ticket to Backer Engagement

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to amplify your campaign and the perks you offer? If you want to motivate more backers to share your project and incentivize people to contribute, try running a contest! Contests are an incredibly powerful tool used to generate buzz and awareness of your campaign. Campaigners on Indiegogo … read more

SEO 101: Tricks and Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the hottest tech industry terms for over a decade. Today, having an SEO strategy is critical to managing a successful digital marketing campaign. As a crowdfunding campaigner, you already know the importance of growing a large audience of prospective backers  to help give you feedback, share the … read more

Campaign Profiles: Bookstores, Librarians and the Printed Matter

Bookstores continue to close across America driving an increase in online petitions to save local bookstores such as St. Marks Bookstore in New York.  The latest federal statistics shows there are only approximately 10,600 bookstores left in the country with more than 1,000 closing from 2000 to 2007. Large-scale e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Borders … read more