9 Smart Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Campaign

After email, Facebook is the most powerful ‘share’ tool you have in your arsenal. It is responsible for eliciting more contributions to campaigns on IndieGoGo than any other social networking tool. However, some of us fear “blasting” our friends and family repeatedly with the same message. So today we wanted to share with you a … read more

Pet Projects: Animal Aid Through Crowdfunding

One of the street dogs Founding Hand hopes to help. A little personal story here. Three years ago my husband and I spotted a giant mastiff wandering lost and hungry in our alley. Being dog lovers, we checked to see if the animal had tags, a collar, or any indication that she was owned by … read more

Project Profiles: Comics!

WAR The Human Cost Okay, we know we missed 24-Hour Comics Day by at least a week. But we wanted to make up for it by highlighting some of our favorite current comic projects on IndieGoGo. If you're like me — or at least how I was before I started reading about these projects in … read more