November 22, 2010 · IGG

IndieGoGo Insight: Campaigns that send 11 or more updates, raise 137% more money.


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On average, the campaigns on IndieGoGo that send 11 or more updates to their contributors, raise 137% more money then projects that don't. This results in over $1000 more money towards their funding goal.

  Updates graph
Most funding campaigns are centered around an ongoing project of some sort, meaning you are always working….so why not tell people about it?

Posting announcements to your campaign serves many purposes:

  • It increases your contributors engagement and emotional investment in your endeavor

  • It increases your credibility in working to achieve what you set out to do with your funds, and

  • It reminds people how amazing your work is, and prompts them to tell people about it and spread the good word

So, you can build trust and ultimately raise more money.  On IndieGoGo, campaigns that send 11 or more updates are about 20% closer to their funding goal than campaigns that keep quiet.

Shana Tucker exceeded her funding goal, and still continues to keep her contributors up to date on her latest artistic accomplishments.

So – what are you waiting for? Show your contributors just how serious you are about turning this dream of yours into a reality. You have been working very hard – don't be shy – tell people about it!