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These Beer Lovers Prove Bringing an Idea to Market is About Passion

What do you get when you combine two engineers who geek out about IPAs? Beer that’s scientifically proven to be delicious. Back in 2001, when Philip Petracca and David McDonald met, they had spent their careers at technology companies—and nerded out about beer on the side. When they met through work, the home-craft brewers became … read more

5 Gadgets That Will Give You the Smart Home of Your Dreams

The home of tomorrow is a connected one, where your bed sends data to your phone and your wearable syncs with your meal planner. From dawn to dusk, your life will become easier as your home becomes smarter, thanks to these gadgets:   Instead of waking up to a loud old alarm clock, ease yourself awake … read more

Whirlpool Corporation Crowdfunded a Beer Dispenser and Nailed It

  The Vessi™ Beer Fermentor and Dispenser is a single tank that ferments, carbonates and dispenses home-brewed beer in as little as seven days. The Vessi™ Fermentor was a bright idea in the minds of a small team of Whirlpool employees, who believed they had something brilliant for the home-brewing market. They saw the difficulty … read more

From Dream to the Big Screen: Film on Indiegogo

Since Indiegogo was founded in 2008, we’ve seen projects from essentially every category imaginable, from cutting-edge technology to the world’s first crowdfunded baby.  No matter how creative and diverse the Indiegogo community gets, one category that is firmly embedded in our roots is film. Nearly 60,000 independent filmmakers have used our platform as a way … read more

cuddle + kind Q&A: Indiegogo Success Story

cuddle + kind is a social endeavor founded by Jennifer and Derek Woodgate, parents of three young children in Milton, Ontario. Their goal is to feed 1 million meals each year to children in need, providing the key nutrition necessary for children’s brains to develop fully, help fight disease and reach their full potential. The … read more