January 10, 2022 · IGG, In The News

2021 Was the Year of the Backer on Indiegogo

Indiegogo launched a number of exciting initiatives in 2021 to help entrepreneurs and creators deliver on their promises to backers and create campaigns that our community will love. While Indiegogo has always aimed to support campaigners in hitting their goals and helping backers, 2021 is the year we really kicked it up a notch. That’s why we’re dubbing 2021 The Year of the Backer – because when entrepreneurs and creators are supported, it helps the entire Indiegogo community have a better experience on our platform. 

2021 Indiegogo Year in Review: 2021 Initiatives and Launches
January 10, 2022 · IGG, In The News

5 Things We Learned About Crowdfunding In 2021

How did 2021 affect crowdfunding? 2021 left us seeking ways to settle into being perpetually unsettled. Backers around the globe navigated returns to offices, classrooms, and social lives, and for many, those aspects of their lives are permanently changed. So how did that affect crowdfunding this year? What happened on the Indiegogo platform in 2021? What did backers come together to fund and what did their behavior collectively indicate? We dug into the data to find out how backers engaged with campaigns and some clear trends emerged. 

November 29, 2021 · IGG

Thank You Backers: Giving Tuesday 2021 at Indiegogo

Thanks to your contributions through Tips for Indiegogo, we’ve been able to donate to causes that matter to the Indiegogo community. And so, for Giving Tuesday, we’re announcing our latest donation.

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November 8, 2021 · IGG

What’s Next for Indiegogo

Today, I’m announcing that I am transitioning away from my position as CEO at Indiegogo and stepping into an advisory role at the end of this month. As an advisor, I’ll be focused on helping our team launch exciting new initiatives in the coming months.… read more