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Essential Tips for Running an Indiegogo Campaign (Part I)

Whether you’re on the fence about running an Indiegogo campaign (do it!) or are halfway to goal, collecting as many related tips and hints as possible is always advisable. Here at Indiegogo, we see a lot of lists that make a lot of suggestions, and we want to provide you with what we think are … read more

Indiegogo Insight: 34% of Funders Visit Your Campaign Two or More Times Before Contributing

34% of funders visit your campaign two or more times before contributing. What does this mean for campaigners? Don’t be afraid to reach out to people more than once! Not everyone who visits your campaign decides to fund it right away, and as your campaign gains traction, the likelihood that they will contribute increases. As the old adage … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Half of Repeat Funders Contribute to the Same Campaign Again Within 2 Weeks

Half of funders who contribute more than once to the same campaign do it within 2 weeks. 62% of campaigns reaching their goal have repeat contributors. The key to their success is dedication to their contributors- thanking them and keeping them engaged immediately after they contribute. One of the reasons people contribute to your campaign is to … read more

Indiegogo Insight: The Benefits of Your $25 Perk

Campaigns that offer a $25 perk raise 35% more money than those that don’t. We’ve written about how important it is to offer a compelling $25 perk. Perks priced at $25 are the most popular perk claimed on Indiegogo, and they offer an exciting and affordable way for supporters to get involved.  While crafting your perks, consider … read more

Indiegogo Insight: 85% of Campaigns That Reach Their Goal Receive Their First Contribution Within One Day of Going Live

85% of campaigns that reach their goal receive their first contribution within one day of going live. Your campaign’s first contribution builds momentum for your fundraising effort.  On average, campaigns which reach their goal receive their first contribution in one day. In contrast, campaigns which don’t reach their goal take about four days- that’s four times … read more