November 23, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Average Contribution Increases 13% in December


December is known as a month where giving is prioritized. According to a seven year* study, one-third of online giving happens in December.

Funding on Indiegogo also sees a boost in December. For example, the average campaign contribution is $86 in December, 13% higher than the site-wide average of $76.Avg_Contribution

Total contributions on Indiegogo also see an 8% spike in December. Cause campaigns do exceptionally well, with cause categories seeing an average increase of 43%.

If you’re feeling philanthropic this holiday season, funding a campaign on Indiegogo lets you give twice. Contributing to a campaign allows you to become a part of a cause, creative idea, or entrepreneurial project. Additionally, you receive perks which make great holiday gifts.

One example of this, Ellie Fun Day, designs baby blankets that change the lives of marginalized women in India. The average contribution to their campaign has been $153, in part because of their perks. By giving to their campaign you can give to a worthy cause and also gift a burlap totebag, a hand-sewn heirloom blanket, or a photography session to the people you care about in your life.


*Source: The Online Giving Study

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