Caitlin/Director of Operations
FILM – Opening Our Eyes
Inspiring on so many levels: a mother / daughter documentary team trek through foreign countries meeting with positive change makers all over the globe. What a great way to inspire others to "GoGo" for good!

Erica/Marketing Director
COMMUNITY – Dunham Scholar
This campaign is a perfect example of how a little bit of money can make a big impact in a person’s life – especially during the holidays.  I’m excited to see these students working together to give back to the community. 

Erin/Business Development
COMMUNITY - Brighten up Cornell
Innovative students want to make their campus more cheerful during finals time in a notoriously stress-filled college campus.  

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
ANIMALS – Pit Proud
I have only ever heard bad things about pit bulls, but after watching this video it has put a new light on them!  

Kat/Content & Community
SMALL BUSINESS – The Magic Forest
A mother decides to open up an unique destination for mother and child: a retail space selling handmade toys from all over the world, coffee from a local roaster, and baked goods from local bakeries.  Fun play area included!

Melissa/Visual Designer
This is by far the most awesome costume ever. The pitch video for this campaign leaves me speechless – watch it to see of it has the same effect on you! I love seeing creativity, ingenuity, and a little bit of crazy come together like this. 

Nic/Marketing Analyst
FOOD – El Haurache Loco Restaurant
More places in SF/CA/US need to make Huaraches!

Nicholas/Junior Developer
FOOD – Lettuce Evolve
This campaign plans to fund the production of "Deployable Aquaponic Planter Systems" – basically clever hydroponic planters combined with a fish tank (for nutrients!) designed to help provide clean, safe food in dense, developing areas. 


Slava/Founder & CEO
SMALL BUSINESS – Natural Resources
A company with a proven track record in the baby business deserves funding.

Will/UX Designer 
TECHNOLOGY – PragmataPro
Combines type design and coding. What more could you ask for?

Yan/Director of Product
FOOD – The Cupcake Bar
I love the creativity in this video and the concept of a cupcake bar…mmm!