November 17, 2023 · Behind The Scenes, IGG

To Boldly Go: Star Trek’s Indiegogo Frontier


Think of the crowdfunding landscape as this vast, uncharted space. In one corner of this space, there’s a group of people who’ve been navigating it with a sense of purpose and unity that’s almost… well, it’s almost utopian. That’s the Star Trek community for you. They’ve docked at Indiegogo, a place that’s all about pioneering, about pushing the envelope, which, if you think about it, is pretty much the ethos of Star Trek. So today, we’re not just celebrating a campaign or two — we’re celebrating a whole culture’s journey through crowdfunding, especially spotlighting the latest venture, Walter Koenig Reviews Star Trek’s Original Series.

The Continuing Mission

Star Trek’s presence on Indiegogo is as varied and as layered as the universe Gene Roddenberry imagined. We’ve seen everything from a deep dive into the “Star Trek Voyager” universe to grassroots efforts like “Farragut Forward,” where fans take the helm. These aren’t just fundraising campaigns; they’re like lighthouses, beacons for those who hold the Star Trek narrative close to their hearts and want to see it live on.

The Latest Star in the Constellation

And now, we’ve got something quite special on our hands: Walter Koenig Reviews Star Trek’s Original Series.

Picture this: you’re walking down the corridors of the Enterprise again, but this time, Chekov is leading the way, sharing stories only someone who was there could tell. This isn’t just a look back; it’s a personal voyage, a chance to see the series through the eyes of someone who lived it.

A Universe of Campaigns

The Indiegogo cosmos is sprinkled with Star Trek projects. There’s “Star Trek Continues,” which crafted new stories for the Enterprise, and “Pacific 201,” which ventured into corners of the Federation we hadn’t seen before. Each project is a star in its own right, a new story, a new adventure.

Jon Jue, the CFO of Indiegogo and a self-professed trekkie, puts it this way:

“It’s been a lifelong affair for me! As a kid, my brother and I were not allowed to watch TV unless it was news or Star Trek: TNG. So not only was it the only thing I watched, but I would watch the episodes over and over on VHS.”

The Human Connection

What Jon Jue, and the millions of trekkies around the world, understand is that Star Trek is more than just a franchise. It’s an ethos, a connection, a shared dream of what the future could be. And that’s what Indiegogo taps into—not just the funding, but the community, the collective vision for tomorrow focused on environmentalism, compassion, innovation, and social responsibility.

Jue adds, “The Star Trek community is unique in so many ways. It’s a community that is brought together by the shared love of the content, which is Star Trek, but it’s a community that believes in the prospect of a bright future that generally embraces the goodness in humanity.”

Your Role in the Saga

As we honor Star Trek’s impact on Indiegogo, consider this an open invitation to join the ranks. Whether you’re backing Walter Koenig Reviews Star Trek’s Original Series campaign or just browsing through the success stories, your participation is a pledge to a shared future, a future where we all contribute to the narrative.

So, here’s to the Star Trek campaigns of the past, present, and the ones yet to launch. To the stories that will be told, to the fans whose passion fuels this journey, and to the belief that, yes, exploring the unknown does require tolerating uncertainty. That’s the adventure we’re on, together, with Indiegogo as our vessel.