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Vote for Your Favorite Campaign to Win Flash Funding from Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services

We’ve teamed up with Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services to help entrepreneurs fulfill faster and smarter. By helping entrepreneurs fulfill their orders with ease, backers like you will get your perks sooner. Now, Ingram Micro is awarding $90,000 in flash funding to qualified entrepreneurs, and they want to hear from all of you — … read more

Join Indiegogo, Arrow, and IBM at the IoT Tech Expo in London

Join Indiegogo, Arrow and IBM at the IoT Tech Expo Global 2018 in London, UK, on April 18th and 19th. The IoT Tech Expo is the world’s largest Internet of Things conference event series that introduces and explores the latest in IoT innovations.   Meet Arrow Certification Program Representatives Do you need help developing an … read more


Go Anywhere with Anyware: Smart home product receives $100K in flash funding from Arrow

The latest winner of flash funding from Arrow is Anyware, who just received an award of $100K USD as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Become part of the Arrow Certification Program to qualify for flash funding, and read on to learn about Anyware’s entrepreneurial journey to flash funding. Go anywhere, and get peace of … read more

Diversity Matters: The Future is Female

Silicon Valley has long come under fire for its lack of diversity, largely because its version of entrepreneurship has always been accessible only to a select and privileged few. Indiegogo was founded to change that – we believe deeply that anyone should have a chance to bring their ideas to life, and we think the … read more

Watch Now: Trek, TouchPoints, Tersa Steam, and Garadget entrepreneurs share their Arrow Certification Program experience

 Hear the innovative entrepreneurs behind Tersa Steam, Garadget, Trek, and TouchPoints talk about their experience with the Arrow Certification Program, how Arrow supported them and what Arrow enabled them to do in the successful development of their product. Charlie Warden, Tersa Steam’s CEO, says, “We love Indiegogo because they focus on helping smaller companies … read more