Win an Anyware Smart Adapter — the all-in-one smart living solution

What if turning your house into a smart home was as easy as installing a lightbulb? Thanks to the Anyware Smart Adapter, it is. And, thanks to Arrow and Indiegogo, you could win one! Founded in Denmark by Morten Bremild and Jen Christiansen, Anyware is the easiest way to bring the latest in smart technology … read more


Sonic Soak, the Ultimate Ultrasonic Laundry Tool, Wins $25,000 in Flash Funding from Ingram Micro

We’ve teamed up with Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services to help entrepreneurs fulfill faster and smarter. By helping entrepreneurs ship their orders with ease, backers will get their perks sooner. The Flash Funding Winners Earlier this summer, Ingram Micro awarded flash funding to UniLid, Rite Press, BodyBoss, and Studio Unite. Now we’re excited to … read more


Funded in America: Watch the new digital series from SoulPancake, Indiegogo, and T-Mobile

The six-part series, hosted by La La Anthony, spotlights female entrepreneurs across the country who used crowdfunding to start their businesses Today, SoulPancake announced the launch of “Funded in America,” a new series celebrating groundbreaking female entrepreneurs. Hosted by businesswoman and actress, La La Anthony, each episode of this six-part series highlights women across the … read more


Changing the Conversation: SpeakSee wins $50K in flash funding from Arrow

SpeakSee joins Waggit and Anyware as winners of flash funding from Arrow in 2018. Become part of the Arrow Certification Program to qualify for your own chance to win flash funding, and learn about SpeakSee’s journey from crowdfunding to flash funding. Jari Hazelebach’s parents were born deaf. Although Jari doesn’t think that his youth was … read more

Vote for your favorite campaign to win flash funding prizes from Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services

To help entrepreneurs fulfill faster and smarter — and backers like you receive perks quicker — we’ve teamed up with Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services. This quarter, Ingram Micro is looking to award a total of $50K in flash funding to three qualified Indiegogo campaigners. Vote for your favorite campaign to help decide who … read more