September 8, 2023 · Behind The Scenes, In The News, Success Stories

A New Fanmade LOST Documentary Campaign Skyrockets Beyond Its Crowdfunding Goal


In a remarkable display of fan dedication and enthusiasm, the Getting LOST Documentary campaign by Popmotion Pictures has soared beyond 220% of its funding goal on Indiegogo. This independent film project seeks to delve into the rich legacy of the iconic TV show LOST, its transformative influence on the television landscape, and the passionate fan community that burgeoned during the nascent days of social media.

The team behind the documentary expressed their heartfelt gratitude:

“The overwhelming support we’ve received is a testament to the enduring love and fascination for LOST. Achieving over double our target allows us to truly make this the ultimate tribute to the show.”

The documentary explores the show’s history, its pioneering role in serialized science fiction storytelling, and the vibrant fan communities that engaged directly with the series. Featuring stories from fans, it captures everything from heartwarming friendships and romances to heartbreaking stories of loss and heartache.

With the funds pouring in, the team is gearing up to enhance the overall quality of the project.

“With the additional resources, we’re excited to bring more interviews, bonus content, and premiere events for LOST fans.”

They also teased the unveiling of new perks as the campaign progresses.

The project’s supporters will be treated to a variety of exciting perks. In addition to digital copies and Producer credits, standout rewards such as the limited edition “I’m With Jacob” art prints and meticulously hand-painted Virgin Mary sculptures are generating a lot of buzz.

The documentary, a fully independent endeavor, underscores its alignment with WGA & SAG-AFTRA. Crafted for LOST fans by LOST fans, the project has been in the works for over a year. The team’s ambition is to release the film on the poignant 20th anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, which fell on September 22, 2024.

Directed by the acclaimed Taylor Morden, known for Pick It Up! Ska in the ’90s and the Netflix hit The Last Blockbuster, the documentary offers a wealth of interviews with cast members, crew, and ardent fans.

The Indiegogo community is encouraged to continue supporting this project, ensuring its success and helping bring this tribute to LOST fans worldwide.

Show your support and help make this documentary happen by backing the campaign now before it ends on September 22.

Indiegogo celebrates the passion and dedication of its community. The success of campaigns like the Getting LOST Documentary showcases the power of collective effort and the love for creative storytelling.