June 2020: Top Campaigns

Summer’s here! And despite Bowie and Jagger’s opinion on the topic, we say the time is right for glancing at the sheets — spreadsheets, that is, the kind that tabulate our most successful campaigns of the month. That’s right — the sun is shining, the days are long, and with the new month comes a … read more


Sustainable Chic: Meet the Father-Daughter Team Behind the Bobobark Vegan Handbag

When most people hear “haute-design handbag from Paris,” many things come to mind. Fashion-forward? Mais oui! Chic? Bien sûr, c’est necessaire! Luxurious? De rigueur! But vegan? Ce n’est pas normal. Father-daugher team Elie and Natacha Seroussi are changing that with their Bobobark handbag, which substitutes animal-based materials with cork and other sustainable fabrics. They’ve raised … read more

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Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Raises over $5.5M: Father-Son Team Talks About Brewing Up a Crowdfunding Campaign Together

Working with your dad on a multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign? It’s just part of the daily grind for Martin and James Nicholson, the father-son team behind Niche Zero, a conical burr coffee grinder that lets coffee enthusiasts get the most out of their beans. The pair has raised over $5.5M on Indiegogo over the last … read more


A Day in the Life of Indie Filmmaker and Photographer Tailiah Breon

Whether you’re raising funds for a creative project or a new business idea, running your own crowdfunding campaign is no easy feat. It takes a healthy dose of passion, discipline, and commitment to bring your ideas and concepts to life, and get your backer community excited about them. Ever wondered what a day in the … read more

Black Lives Matter: How To Be An Ally

UPDATE 06/19/2020: In honor of Juneteenth, we have made June 19 a paid company holiday, from this year forward. We have also donated 100% of the revenue from our June 4, 2020 email newsletter to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Bail Project, and Black Lives Matter. To amplify Black-owned businesses and creators in our … read more