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The Internet Doing Good, Well

The video of Karen Klein reiterated that bullying is a persistent problem in our country, while also demonstrating that bullying can come in the form of a group — leaders, followers, and silent observers. Mob mentality meets willful ignorance. The “crowd” at its very worst. This same event, though, showed how a group can come together to do … read more

INTERVIEW: Cathy Pearson from “Get The Picture?”

Modern day legends have the misfortune of becoming lost amidst the noise of chewing gum celebrities and the ‘bright young things’ packaged and sold everyday.  Yet through the medium of film, real stories, about true legends are able to punctuate and define the meaning of what a legacy is, and how it can impact a … read more

Project Unbreakable: A Young Photographer Heals Victims of Abuse

Still at The School of Visual Arts in New York, Grace Brown is tackling a rarely discussed subject matter through her art – sexual abuse.  Launching her project in October 2011, she has since crowdsourced countless images that allow victims to write a message to their attacker.  Whilst cathartic, it brings awareness to the number … read more

Campaign Profiles: Interview with Ashley from The Scrubba Wash Bag

Tell us about your Eureke moment to design this wash bag and why crowdfunding became the only way to support the manufacturing of this idea. It came about two years ago. A mate (and now co-inventor) and I were walking between pubs after work on a Friday night.  We were discussing the fact that as we were … read more

5 IndieGoGo Community Campaigns: Mobile Farms in Shipping Containers & Modular Art Structures

The word 'Community' has become an overused word, alongside 'Peace', 'Social Media' and 'Justin Bieber'.  Here are 5 IndieGoGo campaigns currently fundraising to build community, not just talk the talk: Secure Food for the Displaced, Hungry and Homeless Location: Melbourne, Australia Shipping containers have been an increasingly viable structure to support community efforts in developing … read more