January 26, 2012 · IGG

Guest Blogger, Corey Zaloom from Fanbridge: Optimize Your Fan Base!


FanBridge is a fan management platform that helps optimize email and social media to grow, engage, and monetize fan bases. Whether you’re a band, brand, filmmaker or athlete, our priority is making your fan list more valuable without making your life more complicated. This means building and offering all the tools you need in one place. With FanBridge, you’ll tie together your email strategy and Facebook marketing to get the best of both email and social media without needing multiple sites, tools, and logins.

We didn’t want to stop at our tools, though. And hey, if you like having just one place to manage your content then we figured your fans would want only one place to view it, too. The numbers backed this up: fans on Facebook tend to visit the tab they land on and stay there. How could we make your FanBridge Facebook tabs more valuable? Well, we couldn’t possibly build everything we’d like to see on there when we’re hyper-focused on what we already do, so we created the Partner Ecosystem. These twelve partners bring their expertise in areas like ticketing, ecommerce, and fundraising to FanBridge Facebook modules.

Bringing IndieGoGo to FanBridge has had a big impact on the way our clients fund their projects. In the past, we’ve looked at how traditional FanBridge email campaigns have driven huge spikes in donations, or how FanBridge Facebook Fan Page messaging has helped direct fans to donation landing pages. Now, IndieGoGo users can place a donation module in the same place they are offering up exclusive streaming audio, video, and download giveaways. There is no need to risk missing out on a donation by trying to redirect fans to other pages and platforms.

We’ve already seen great projects fundraise with IndieGoGo through a module on their FanBridge Fan Page –

The band Jimkata is currently working to fund their new album:


Non-profit The Bob Moog Foundation is using IndieGoGo to support electronic music education:

The Bob Moog Foundation

The film series Peace is the Way made their IndieGoGo goal with $65 to spare:

Peace is the Way_ A Century of Nonviolent Activism Film Series 2012-01-19 11-15-41

By guest blogger, Corey Zaloom – Fanbridge