January 26, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 IndieGoGo Music Campaigns: Great Tunes Know No Borders


“Music is the universal language of mankind,” said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1835. Over 150 years later, 5 great IndieGoGo music campaigns prove that great tunes know no borders:

The Prostitute’s New International Album on IndieGoGoThe Prostitutes’
New International Album

Location: Praha, Czech Republic

Story: The Prostitutes are already a popular post-punk band in the Czech Republic. Now they have a chance to blow up internationally by recording their 4th album with a well-respected producer. Claim the album as a perk now, before all your friends find out about them!

Agent Ribbons Get Back on the Horse! on IndieGoGo

Agent Ribbons Get Back on the Horse!

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Story: Agent Ribbons hasn’t released any of their minimalist garage-pop in over a year! That changes this February when they record new material for the Cassingle and Loving It! label—that is if they can afford the studio time and get a new van. They have a variety of handmade perks for their supporters.

AFRIKA21 Mixtape Project on IndieGoGo

AFRIKA21 Mixtape Project

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Story: Based in Brooklyn, but showcasing contemporary talent from all over Africa, the AFRIKA21 Mixtape Project is a tour-de-force of varied musical stylings. Contributions benefit youth initiatives in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Senegal. In return, perks include mix tapes, tee shirts, and (my favorite) chocolate.

Help Lindsey Walker Record Her Debut Album! on IndieGoGo

Help Lindsey Walker Record
Her Debut Album!

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Story: Lindsay Walker is on a mission to bring her brand of bluesy jazz to the world. She’s also easily the best left-handed ukelele player since Tiny Tim. If you contribute to recording her first EP, you get a copy. If you contribute a bit more, she writes you a song. Sounds like a deal to me…

Help So Many Wizards Make It Happen on IndieGoGo

Help So Many Wizards Make It Happen

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Story: So Many Wizards wants to cross borders. Literally. This campaign supports the indie-pop quartet as they mix and master their new LP and tour it throughout the UK. Perks range from unreleased B-sides to lifetime free entry to every show they will ever perform.