January 25, 2012 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Fixed Funding Campaigns With a Pitch Video Raise 239% More Money


Fixed Funding campaigns receive funds if they reach or exceed their goal. You can see some of the differences between Fixed and Flexible Funding in this blog post.

Fixed and Flexible Funding campaigns share many of the same drivers of success. No matter the funding type, campaigns with a pitch video fund better.

Of campaigns that meet their goal, Fixed Funding campaigns with a video raise over three times as much money as Fixed Funding campaigns without a video.  


Additionally, of all the money raised by Fixed Funding campaigns that reach their goal- 80% of the money raised went to campaigns with a pitch video. 



Indiegogo gives you the option to decide which funding type is best for your campaign. Under Pressure Seltzer Works, a small operation in Seattle that delivers seltzer water in antique bottles, chose to do Fixed Funding because they needed a minimum amount of money to follow through with their project.  

If you need help deciding which type of funding is right for you we have resources on our blog, or you can get in touch with our Customer Happiness team –support@indiegogo.com.  We pride ourselves on a 24 hour response time!