Erin/Business Development


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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Meet 'A Million Year Girl' out of Australia – help her improve her already amazing album, and enjoy a fabulous pitch video!

Kat/Content & Community

The Liberia '77 Photo Repatriation Project

Liberia 77

Location: British Columbia, Canada

We take for granted how much photographs document our personal history.  Two brothers head to back to Liberia hoping to reconstruct the lost identity of the country's people through photographs – watch the video!

Nic/Marketing Analyst

MashaLAB, a disOriented multimedia platform


Location: Beirut

This collective online platform centered around life in the Arab-World is raising money to launch a new multi-media lab for journalistic experiments.

Sandy Huang/Customer Happiness Advocate


Location: Ahaus, Germany

I can't believe that 40% of food is produced just to be thrown away! is a website that works to reduce the amount of food we throw away – great idea! 

Slava/Founder & CEO

Angry Video Game Nerd


Location: California, USA

This narrative film has raised the most money via a crowdfunding platform ever!

Will/UX Designer

Last Shop Standing

Last Shop Standing

Location: Nationwide, United Kingdom

I’ve always wondered what happened to independent record stores. This documentary will answer the question.

Yan/Director of Product

The Prostitutes' New International Album

The Prostitutes

Location: Praha, Czech Republic

I used to go to The Prostitutes' shows when I lived in Prague several years back – looking forward to their new album!