January 28, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

PERK POWER: Beer Growlers & Original Artwork of a Digital Character


Whether you're looking for perk ideas for your campaign or wanting to shop for a a unique gift, we've pulled together our weekly pick of some cool perks on IndieGoGo:


Ring Man's FundThe Ring Mans Fund

Location: South Carolina, USA 

‘The Band of Gold’ is a unique ring that is seen to tie together men and women of the cadets.  Ltd Harvey Dick and his family want to continue the tradition of gifting these rings to honorable individuals, one that has since died because of lack of finances.

Perk: Limited edition LTC Harvey M Dick ring t-shirt



Location: London, United Kingdom

Story: This 8 minute short film about a 15 year old swimming prodigy is about an underdog who overcomes a difficult existence to achieve his dreams. In the spirit of the pending Olympics in the city, this film has an award winning team and a director whose built a notable reputation in the festival circuit.

Perk: Shout out on Twitter, a personalized video 'Thank You' from the team, digital download of the script and storyboards of the film.


Parkour TourParkour Tour

Location: London, United Kingdom

Story:  Already at the center of Parkour culture, this team want to send Scott Bass and a traceur/freerunner around the world on tour to film local Parkour communities.

Perk:  Six large images taken by renowned Parkour filmmaker, Scott Bass. 


Public BrewingPublic Craft Brewing Co

Location:  Wisconsin, USA

Story: Set to open a small production brewery in the town of Kenosha, the fourth largest city in Wisconsin (which currently has no breweries at all), Matt aims to use local ingredients, distributing to the city’s bars and restaurants.

Perk: 2 Public pint glasses and a 64oz refillable growler exclusively for contributors.


Bryn OhBryn Oh

Location: Ontario, Canada

Story: Bryn Oh is a virtual artist created primarily to explore whether a digital character could find a true position in the real world.  Four years later, Bryn’s work has been featured at some of the world’s most respected art fairs, written about in Vogue magazine and soon to exhibit at a museum in Italy.

Perk: An original pen and ink drawing of the character.