We recently relaunched Fixed Funding highlighting some of its differences with Flexible Funding and how each route to fundraising aligns with the needs for the project.  Our recent insight also reinforced the need for Fixed Funding campaigns to have a pitch video, showing that they raised 239% more money.  We thought it was time to review some campaigns who chose the 30 day timeline to achieve their goal and see how they did!

Here are 5 campaigns who used Fixed Funding and reached their goals:

Natural ResourcesNatural Resources

Location: California, USA

Story:  This center for new mothers (and those in early stages of pregnancy) has already been part of the fabric of the local community for 25 years.  Needing additional funds to take their business to the next level they steadily climbed to their goal and thankfully remain open!

Amount Raised:  $48,412

Chronicles of SkinChronicles of Skin

Location: London, United Kingdom

Story: Determined to create a new full-colour card game, one that involves telling a story on paper, doodling to interpret symbols and invent new cultures from an ancient time, this project steadily received support from the gaming community reaching its goal far ahead of time!

Amount Raised: $5,569

Slimy ThiefSlimy Thief Crowdfunding

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Story: After witnessing the success of her online comics, Sidney realized it was time to crowdfund to continue its success but required a programmer to do it.  This comedic, sexy and fantasy based story has multiple fun characters to play with and is now on its way to being created!

Amount Raised: $4,683

GmapHelp Build the Gmap

Location: New Jersey, USA 

Story:  A coder needed to purchase a Macbook Air to code the production of the Gmap Pedometer, a tool that allows you to map the distance ran or cycled using their phone.  With a full time job and wife and kids, he need a powerful computer to do this on the bus in the commute – its happening now!

Amount Raised: $2,770


Location: Rhode Island, USA

Story: Right around the holidays, an annual eggnog-drinking contest takes place with the aim of raising money for The Tomorrow Fund, a local charity that supports children with cancer and their families.   We hope to see them back here next year too!

Amount Raised: $1,075