The video of Karen Klein reiterated that bullying is a persistent problem in our country, while also demonstrating that bullying can come in the form of a group — leaders, followers, and silent observers. Mob mentality meets willful ignorance. The “crowd” at its very worst.

This same event, though, showed how a group can come together to do something inspiring, and Indiegogo provided a platform to do it in a way that has never been done before. Raising over $650,000 with an average contribution of $21 in less than a week is not something that’s done by an individual — it’s the act of over 30,000 rallying toward one empowering goal.

The openness of Indiegogo for people to create campaigns driven by whatever ideas and causes that interest and inspire them allowed a man from Toronto to start a campaign to send a woman he had never met on a vacation. No red tape, just an opportunity for swift action. Within hours of word spreading about Karen Klein, Indiegogo was being used as a platform to instantaneously improve her life. Call it viral benevolence.

While Indiegogo provided a means for this generous act to occur at an unprecedented speed, its breadth and reach is also unparalleled. By being a truly global platform, Indiegogo lets a campaign gain momentum — not just in a hometown, state, or country, but around the world. Karen Klein’s first ten contributions came from four different countries — and to date, people in 82 different countries have contributed to send her on a now extended vacation. A few clicks and a strong call to action later, a campaign can be on its way to mobilizing people around the world.

Indiegogo not only empowers those running campaigns, but it also empowers those who contribute to them — bringing people together to support common causes. Bullying has resonated particularly with the crowd because it’s an issue that has touched so many lives. Indiegogo provided a place for an impassioned response of unmatched speed and global reach, and it will continue to be a springboard for the world’s ideas, unheard voices, and most everything in between.