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Indiegogo Insight: 34% of Funders Visit Your Campaign Two or More Times Before Contributing

34% of funders visit your campaign two or more times before contributing. What does this mean for campaigners? Don’t be afraid to reach out to people more than once! Not everyone who visits your campaign decides to fund it right away, and as your campaign gains traction, the likelihood that they will contribute increases. As the old adage … read more

Campaign Round Up: A Subscription for Spices & A 3-D Racing Game

Crista/Executive Assistant Diabetic Alert for Gracie Location: Colorado, USA It is amazing what these highly trained dogs can do for children with severe diabetes! Erin/Business Development Kartoon: First 3-D Racing Game on Facebook Location: Paris, France The first 3D racing game on Facebook, being developed in Paris, needs your help coming to life! Erica/Director of … read more

INTERVIEW: Steven Pile of Konteh Kunda School of Music, Gambia

Have you ever been inspired? Inspired enough to make a big change in the world? Even if that change required you to travel half way around the world and raise 10s of thousands of dollars? Today, we speak with Steven Pile, a California musician who is raising funds to build a solar-powered music school in … read more

Exclusive Interview with Bryn Oh — Virtual Worlds, Real Success

Have you ever felt like you were in a world of your own? In our exclusive interview with Bryn Oh, we talk to an artist who lives in the virtual world of Second Life. As a virtual avatar, Bryn has created serious art recognized all over the real world. Now, Bryn has launched an IndieGoGo campaign, Bryn … read more

Exclusive Interview with Molly from Mission Bowling Club: Games for Non-Profits

San Francisco's Mission District is soon to have a new kid in town!  An old electrical supply warehouse will transform to provide the local enighborhood with a 6 lane bowling alley, rotating gallery wall, full bar, including a restaurant to be run by hip city chef Anthony Mynt from Mission Chinese.  Sommer Peterson, a former … read more