December 14, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: Campaigns That Have 4 or More Links Raise 103% More Money


Campaigns that have 4 or more external links on their campaign raise 103% more money than those who don’t.



The takeaway: If you have a personal website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel, put the link on your campaign. Complimenting your campaign page with external online assets builds credibility, and enables you to tell a more robust story.

Here’s a breakdown by link type.


The external link section of your campaign looks like this:

Also find this campaign on

You can add them during the creation process.

The Calabash, a campaign to raise money for a unique type of water bottle, uses this space to link to their website which prominently displays their current Indiegogo Campaign.

Old 37, a movie about two brothers who intercept 911 calls, links to their Facebook page which includes the Fanbridge app, making it easier for fans to donate straight from Facebook.

Kids of the Gulf, a documentary sharing the stories of kids and families affected by the BP oil spill of 2010, links directly to their YouTube channel where they feature interviews, discussions, and clips from their project.

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth,  a film about the life and times of American writer, Alice Walker, links to their Twitter where they tweet their gratitude, words of wisdom, and other links to their followers.

If you have an online presence outside of Indiegogo make sure to share it with your prospective contributors in order to maximize your funding.

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