Danae/Founder & COO
Because all quadrobots need a rocking speed controller.  Love seeing amazing technology coming out of Poland too! 

Erin/Business Development
COMMUNITY – Warrior Camp
Fund a thoughtful, holistic pilot camp to help Veterans manage the effects of war once they come home.  

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
FILM – Skin
Religion, questioning belief's, passion, the human art form – intriguing, I want to see this film.

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD – The Whole Ox Deli
With the desire to open a butcher/deli on an island in Hawaii, this small business owner needs a smoker to start producing his own homemade cold cuts! Hawaiian meat is often exported and this move is a hope to revive a locavore attitude in the community. 

GAMING – Winnitron in Italy
A group of enthusiastic gamers in Italy want to build their own Winnitron arcade system, which is able to play independent games from developers all over the world, to make it openly playable for Italian fans. 

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate
FILM – The Lady Chain
Documentary about women who change the world. TLC's pitch video is super fun! 

Slava/Founder & CEO
RELIGION - Create Maize and Blue History – Help Establish a Muslim Chaplain at U-M
Making history at Big Blue.  Students unite to make a change.

Will/UX Designer 
VIDEO/WEB – Not Productive
Let’s be realistic: you waste lots of time on YouTube. Not Productive wants to help you. Help them help you. Help yourself.

Yan/Director of Product
SMALL BUSINESS - Mission Bowling Club
I'm so excited for Mission Bowling Club (MBC) to open just down the street from my house in the Spring of 2012 (and also near the IndieGoGo offices)! This little urban oasis will be a little six lane, ten-pin boutique bowling and dining destination – with great food and cocktails. Can't wait!