Christina/Customer Happiness

The Fayetteville Free Library Fab Lab! Libraries + fancy new creative technologies offered to the community for free = my heart.

Danae/Founder & COO
EDUCATION – The Badl 500
These kids are rocking it, or shall I say talking it up!  I love how the team outlines not just what a perk gets you, but what a perk funds too!  For example, a contribution of $100, funds the travel of one team for one debate.  Talk about transparency and specificity!  Read more why this is so important in our 2009 blog.

Erin/Business Development
COMIC – Help Jeffrey Sailor Make a New Web Series!
The hilarious Jeffery Self is at it again. This time his campaign is not about fixing a chipped grill; instead we get to fund his sure-to-be-side-splitting web series.  Jeffery's perks include an in-home stand up routine for $200.  I want one for Christmas!  

Jeff/Senior Rails Developer
TECHNOLOGY – The Standing Bike Transporter
Cool new method of transport and not the segway, bring it on!

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD – The Meatwave BBQ
The grilling columnist on Serious Eats wants to take his Meatwave BBQ fun to competitions across the NY area! He needs the capital to buy a mobile kitchen + equipment, food storage + entry fees.  Monetary winnings from the competitions, should they win, will go towards Food Bank NYC + City Harvest.  This is a great example of an IndieGoGo campaign: short but meaty pitch video, use of images in the body profile, clear summary of reasons for doing the campaign + financial goal + an already strong online presence to drive contributions! YUM! 

Kate/Director of Customer Happiness
FOOD – The Meatwave BBQ Team
YUM.  This campaign is guaranteed to make you hungry.

Melissa/Visual Designer
FILM – 27

Any campaign endorsed by Jerry Remy gets my vote. Boston represent!

Nic/Marketing Analyst
FOOD – OlyKraut: Raw Fermentation Supports Local Food Economy
I love raw, fermented, local food campaigns!

ART – Mermaid Tea Party

A Hungarian design student's degree project: kitschy psychedelic furniture that looks like it belongs in an "imaginary seaside castle". I don't know what not to like about this campaign.

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate
FILM – Kids of The Gulf
One of my favorite summers included a volunteer trip to New Orleans in 2010.  Kids of the Gulf is a documentary about the stories of kids and families affected by the BP oil spill of 2010.  It's also a good example of how you can launch follow up campaigns. 

Slava/Founder & CEO
FILM – The Linor Documentary 

An incredible woman turning a negative experience into an incredible positive.

Will/UX Designer 
MUSIC – Slumchella
As little as $3 can help to keep indigenous people in Kenya from being displaced. Hear cool music and damn the dam.

Yan/Director of Product
TECHNOLOGY – Yogaspotting
As a fan of yoga, and the benefits it provides, I love this concept of a global networking platform for yoga students, teachers, studios and organizations.