December 8, 2011 · Tips & Insights

Indiegogo Insight: 87% of Campaigns That Reach Their Goal Exceed It


87% of campaigns that reach their goal exceed it.



On average these campaigns exceed their goal by 31%.


When creating your campaign, setting the right goal is the first step towards reaching it! Though the average goal reached on Indiegogo is around $3700, setting your goal depends on your campaign’s requirements- many campaigns set their goal much higher than that, many set it much lower. As a campaign owner, it’s up to you to identify the funding needs for your project. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Match your goal to your network- the more people you can reach, the more likely your campaign will be heard.
  • You don’t need to raise all of your funds at once. Many campaigns break their funding goals into a few smaller campaigns.
  • If you reach your campaign goal you are statistically likely to exceed it- and you get to keep the money you raise above and beyond your goal.

Reaching your goal doesn’t mean your campaign is over! Campaign owners should keep building on momentum gained as they exceed their goal. Consider expanding your campaign to account for the extra funds, offering new or bonus perks, and reaching out to your network a few more times to share your success story.

Remember, you can always browse through some campaigns that have exceeded their goal to get a sense of what campaigns similar to yours have been doing. Happy funding!