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Tips on Email Strategy: Turn Your Contacts into Customers

As you build your campaign, you’ve probably thought about driving backers to your campaign by posting on social media and PR. But, did you know that single most effective way to convert visitors into backers is actually plain-old email? It’s true. We’ve analyzed hundred of thousands of campaigns and have found that email outreach is … read more

4 Ways to Find Out If Your Idea is the Next Great Product

You have a great idea to share, and you want to start building a product to solve a big problem. Right on! Before you jump in and pour a lot of resources into making it happen – make sure you take a really important step: validate your idea first. Validating an idea is essentially testing … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Nearly 40% of Active Campaigns Receive Money From Multiple Countries

Fact: With campaigns in and contributions from over 200 countries, Indiegogo is a global funding platform. Among all active campaigns, 39% receive money from multiple countries. Average contribution amount across Indiegogo is $74. People from ten countries have an average contribution amount that exceeds that! What does this mean for you as a campaign owner? Offer … read more

Indiegogo Insight: Campaigns That Take These Six Actions Raise 8 Times More Money Than Campaigns That Don’t

Campaigns that take those six actions raise 8 times more money than campaigns that don’t. What do these six actions have in common? They show that you are committed to your campaign and are investing time and effort to ensure it succeeds! Here is some advice on how to approach taking these six actions: Have … read more

Indiegogo Insight: 53% of Campaigns Reaching Goal Have a Pitch Video Under 3 Minutes

53% of campaigns that reach their goal have a pitch video that is under three minutes long. 87% have a pitch video that is under five minutes long.   At this point, video has become an integral part of the web. On Indiegogo, having a great pitch helps you raise more money, as well see … read more