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Meet Dr. O’Reilly, the Man who Wants to End Pediatric Cancer

On May 5, 2016, Humans of New York introduced us to Dr. Richard O’Reilly, the Chairman of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for over thirty years. Dr. O’Reilly is a leading expert on bone marrow transplants and pioneered an approach that is now used to treat over 2,500 patients annually. His mentality is … read more

Humans of New York & Dr. O’Reilly Fight Pediatric Cancer & More Hot Stories This Week

This week we announced our partnership with Celery, which is just the latest thing we have done to keep supporting our entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to raise funds, take pre-orders and successfully fulfill. Every day we are finding new and better ways to help people bring their ideas not just to life, but to market. … read more

Show Some Love this Valentine’s Day on Generosity

Remember how Valentine’s Day was celebrated when you were younger? As a kid, it’s not about focusing on just one person. When you passed out candy and valentines to the whole class, it made everyone feel included and loved. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to unleash your inner kid, and show some love to … read more

Humans of New York Smashes Goal to Raise $750,000 for Syrian Refugees

On Christmas Eve, Humans of New York blogger Brandon Stanton shared a very real opportunity to help Syrian refugees. And 18,000 of you decided to take him up on it. Stanton launched a Generosity fundraiser asking for donations to 13 Syrian families – they’d fled the war and now needed support as they settled into new jobs, … read more

October Product Update: Introducing Generosity by Indiegogo, Pre-Order (BETA), Refunds, and More

Aside from test-piloting the MicroDrone 3D around the office, October’s been an amazingly productive month at Indiegogo HQ. We’ve made upgrades to our platform and wanted to share the latest product updates with you. Here are 5 impactful October releases: 1) ‘Generosity by Indiegogo’ is live Generosity by Indiegogo is the new home for all … read more