January 25, 2018 · IGG

Announcing YouCaring as our exclusive charitable crowdfunding partner


Over the past decade, we’ve supported thousands of entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life. We’ve created new ways to generate investment with Equity Crowdfunding, a platform to find customers beyond crowdfunding with Indiegogo Marketplace, and even launched our first-ever ICO sale to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

Now, we’re taking one more step to focus on the needs of entrepreneurs: an exciting new partnership with YouCaring to become Indiegogo’s exclusive charitable crowdfunding partner. Through this partnership, Indiegogo’s personal cause crowdfunding service, Generosity.com, will transition over to YouCaring and Indiegogo will become YouCaring’s partner for entrepreneurial fundraising.

Indiegogo was founded to democratize access to capital, creating a new way for people to raise funds and bring their ideas to life. We created Generosity.com a few years ago as an extension of that mission to allow Indiegogo users to raise funds for those in need, both for a personal cause and nonprofits. Through our new partnership, YouCaring will continue to champion this mission, allowing Indiegogo to focus solely on entrepreneurs while still ensuring an exceptional experience for charitable fundraisers.

As we transition personal cause and nonprofit campaigns to YouCaring, Indiegogo users will be able to continue charitable crowdfunding efforts and take advantage of the many resources that YouCaring’s platform has to offer, such as fee-free fundraising, real-time support, and expertise in supporting fundraising for personal, medical, and charitable causes. Moving forward, we will refer charitable fundraisers to YouCaring, which has committed long-term to providing a free solution for people in need.

With a focus on providing financial, social and emotional relief to people facing hardship, YouCaring pioneered free online fundraising in 2011. To date, they have generated over $1 billion for medical and charitable causes from more than 10 million donors worldwide. Indiegogo is thrilled to partner with such a trusted brand in personal fundraising; we are confident YouCaring is the right solution for Indiegogo users looking to fundraise for personal causes.

Indiegogo continues to offer expert support, resources and partners to help innovators go from idea to market, faster. A global marketplace for ingenuity, our diverse community of creators, backers, and buyers makes Indiegogo the ideal place to launch and discover innovative products. We look forward to working with YouCaring to support personal and non-profit fundraisers in the coming year.