January 23, 2018 · In The News

CES Coverage, Beauty Reimagined and Robot Pillows: Our Weekly News Roundup


Between the winter holidays, CES, and Martin Luther King Day (arguably the most important holiday of the year) we haven’t done one of these in a while. We know you missed our wit, but you probably mostly missed hearing about how cool our campaigners are. We have a lot to catch up on. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll tilt your head and say “hm” wistfully.
You all know by now that we had an incredible CES this year. Our central location made sure that, ‘all roads led to Indiegogo’. We are experts at a lot of things, and everyone wanted to come see us. If you missed the Instagram posts and want to feel like you were there, look no further because we’ve put together a list of the articles written about us so far, and there are more to come! From visionary interviews with Dave, to the very latest and weirdest new devices, it was all there. Check out more of our CES press coverage below.
Before, during, and after CES things other things happened to. Those things deserve to be talked about too.


As a society we are really struggling with sleep. So much so that Somnox has invented a pillow you can cuddle to help you achieve relaxation with breath. In this article, it was compared to a snoring cat, but this robot won’t sit on your chest in the middle of the night and cause you to dream that you’re drowning.

Where are they now?

A few years ago, a Romanian photographer was traveling in Ethiopia, and was struck by how many beautiful women she met. And it wasn’t the kind of beauty that we have been made to idealize by magazines, movies and Instagram. She wanted other people to see what she saw, and expand our sadly limited idea of what it means to be “beautiful”.  For four years, she traveled around the world, photographing the incredible women she met and telling their stories. You can order The Atlas of Beauty now. It should be sold in a mother-daughter package with Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.


Hopefully most of you marched for women (and for general humankind) this weekend, so I want to keep the celebration of impressive ladies going. Window Horses, an animated film that explores cultural identity, complicated family relationships, and art itself, is in the running for an Oscar nomination. The filmmaker incorporated a variety of styles of animation to reflect the cultural diversity of the story, which is just another layer of why she is so cool.

CES 2018 Coverage

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