Indiegogo Life Medical Fundraising
September 2, 2015 · IGG

Indiegogo Life Launches Medical Fundraising Page


Indiegogo Life Medical Fundraising

Though the uninsured rate among US adults has dropped more than 4 percentage points since passage of the Affordable Care Act, there are still plenty of costs that patients and their communities face when pursuing health.  At our free site for personal fundraising, Indiegogo Life, medical fundraising is one of our most common categories.

We see people facing direct costs of care such as deductibles, prescriptions and treatments not covered by insurance.  We also see people addressing the additional costs of care that add up in the face of medical treatments such as traveling to treatments, staying overnight afterwards and medical accessories.  Even paying the rent can quickly become impossible when you have to stop working to focus on your health.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a new resource for patients to learn the value and best practices for medical fundraising to cover any of the expenses they face during their medical care.  This Medical Fundraising page at contains information, case studies and a new webinar on medical crowdfunding with tips and best practices for patients and their community.

fundraising for medical expenses

Because we have heard that it is often a patient’s caring team of healthcare professionals who want to help patients cover their costs, the new page even offers a place for healthcare professionals to refer a patient who may be interested in fundraising for his or her medical expenses.

As Karen Acevedo, UCSF Pediatric Nurse in training shares on the new page:

Every patient who needs medical attention shouldn’t be worried about the cost. It is wonderful that Indiegogo Life is a free way for patients to pay for hospital services and associated costs.

We are dedicated to making sure that Indiegogo Life best supports those who need it most and look forward to your suggestions on how to best make this page a helpful resource to patients and healthcare professionals.  Please check out the page and share your thoughts with our team at!

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