BauBax travel jacket
September 8, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Back to School with Sandwich Art & Smart Thermometers


BauBax travel jacket

It’s good to get back in the swing of things after a long weekend with a quote from our of our very magical Indiegogo employees: “People don’t invest in products, they invest in people.” As you’ll see in this week’s media coverage, the amazing stories from our campaigners are definitely inspiring the world to invest in them.

Tech News

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who can sleep even in those second-tier European airports that only bargain airlines fly into, BauBax is the best travel companion you could hope for. You can basically fit the contents of your suitcase in various specialized pockets, and who cares if you look extremely lumpy, because your neck pillow inflates itself! I’m predicting a worldwide challenge of who can successfully sleep in the weirdest places.

World's best travel jacket Indiegogo

The Kinsa smart thermometer basically just became a triage nurse. Not only does the new in-ear model make taking the temperature of your wiggly, sick child easier, it also  takes into account their history of illness and symptoms to make treatment suggestions. By using crowdsourced data from the gross ailments your kids’ peers bring to school, Kinsa can help you figure out whether it’s just a cold, or if you need House, MD on the case.

Kinsa smart thermometer

Those of you who have decided you’re mature enough for pets and spend your days longing for your furry (or not furry if you like those freak hairless non-cats) pal, they can now send you #selfies with PetBot. Besides being Snapchat for pets, it also dispenses treats for good behavior and has bark recognition to let you know if your dog is lonely, or a person has come within 50 feet of your home. I guarantee your cat will be so annoyed that it’ll rewire the whole thing to  play tricks on you.

PetBot selfies

Other Crowdfunding News

Besides whining about the rising price of almonds and being told to limit our showers, most of us are lucky enough not to be deeply affected by climate change. We’ve all heard the science, but now an expert in biodiversity and conservation is telling the story of climate change through of indigenous peoples from around the world. Not only are their everyday lives affected by rising sea levels and drought, but instead of only considering the present, they take into account that “everything will affect the planet and what people sometimes call their ‘future ancestors.’” #Wisdom, guys.

Archipelago of Hope Indiegogo

Being that school just started, which means insulated lunchboxes are getting filled with Gogurt and baby carrots, it’s the perfect time for artist Jessica Olah to take sandwich art to a whole new level. She’s recreating the 2,340 peanut butter and jelly (flavor not specified) sandwiches that her mom made during her years of school as a sort of ode to motherhood. Does it make me an ingrate that I’m still bitter that my mom wouldn’t buy Gushers? P.S. don’t worry, she’s donating all of them. Hopefully with milk.

Remember, “People don’t invest in products, they invest in people.” You can be one of those people by creating a campaign today.

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