February 12, 2016 · IGG

Show Some Love this Valentine’s Day on Generosity


Show Some Love this Valentine's Day

Remember how Valentine’s Day was celebrated when you were younger? As a kid, it’s not about focusing on just one person. When you passed out candy and valentines to the whole class, it made everyone feel included and loved. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to unleash your inner kid, and show some love to those who need it most. Here are 5 ways to show some love this Valentine’s Day through our Generosity platform:

Refugee Love: Warm Your Soul, Warm Their Soles

To Warm Their Little Soles

To warm their little soles is a fundraiser that provides shoes to children in refugee camps. The shoes are distributed to displaced children in Syria and Lebanon. Their goal is to give shoes to 1,000 children so that they can play outside like kids all around the world. This year, your Valentine could keep kids warm long after the 14th.

Inspire Love of Learning

Kearny Kindergarten Needs to Read

The kids at Philip Kearny Public School are not only lacking books, but the funding to buy those books. When asked what they would want for their classroom, the first thing Room 101 said was “More books!” Skip the candy this year and bring books to kids who love to read for Valentine’s Day with Kearny Kindergarten Needs to Read!

Help Love After Loss

The Dinner Party

Valentine’s Day isn’t always flowers and chocolates. For those who have lost a loved one, it can be a painful day of remembrance. The Dinner Party group is a network of young people who have experienced death and come together over food in more than 50 cities. Talking about loss in this group becomes therapeutic. Help create a new tradition for those grieving during the holidays with The Dinner Party: Help Us Grow the Table fundraiser.

Fund a Dream

DreamWakers Waking Dreams Inspiring Careers

The DreamWakers: Waking Dreams. Inspiring Careers fundraiser uses free video chat services to bring diverse and dynamic professionals into high-need public school classrooms. With a click of the button you can fund a dream this Valentine’s Day.

Pass Out Valentine’s to the Homeless


Did you know that more than 60,000 homeless people sleep in shelters every night in New York City, and nearly half of them are children? The WarmHeartsCampaign2016 is passing out over 200 Valentine’s bags filled with warming necessities, sources of protein and a personal loving note to individuals living on the streets of NYC on Valentine’s Day. Their goal is to help make people feel loved on this special holiday, and you can help them spread love and warmth with your donation.

These are just a few of the many ways our community shows love and support, not only on Valentine’s Day, but year round. Whether you fund a nonprofit or show compassion through personal fundraising, help spread the love through the heart of Indiegogo, Generosity.com.

Happy Valentine’s Day!