Levitation Knee Brace Indiegogo
February 16, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Women in Crowdfunding & Bionic-ing Your Injuries


Levitation Knee Brace Indiegogo

Interesting news in the world of crowdfunding: campaign pages created by women are more successful than those created by men. Women usually use language that is not only positive, but also inclusive. When potential backers read it, it makes them feel that they are really part of the project, and just plain happy. If you read something that makes you feel happy, you’re definitely more likely to part with your hard-earned money. The research comes from a professor from two of our founders’ Alma Mater, the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Danae was quoted by the Daily Californian saying that “People showcase the impact that they are trying to make, and funders get attracted to that passion,” and it appears that women are better at making that passion come out through their campaign pages. Extreme pro tip!

Tech Crowdfunding News

Fellow runners who suffer from frequent injuries will be happy to hear about the bionic knee brace that actually makes you more powerful. The Levitation bionic knee brace stores kinetic energy when you bend your knee, which gives you an extra boost when you spring back up. Don’t take this as license not to take precautions against injury, but now it’s less devastating if you do get hurt.

The voice isn’t technically a body part – it’s more of an instrument really. People don’t just have issues that prevent them from moving as they want to, but often that prevent them from expressing themselves. VocaliD is a software that creates custom voices for those who can’t speak. For people with cerebral palsy or who have had strokes, for example, this is completely life-changing.

VocalID Indiegogo

To put it eloquently, having something stolen really sucks. Sometimes if you had known it was happening, you would have been able to stop it. You can now attach Sensor-1 to any object (smart or non-smart) and be warned when it’s moved, no matter how quiet the thief is. Its open API also allows the user to communicate with other devices via bluetooth – so you can program it to do things like trigger a camera to turn on if your bike is moved. The machines are watching you, burglar. This will make sibling toy stealing, or roommate clothing borrowing a lot more interesting.

Sensor-1 Security System

Social Innovation News

It hasn’t launched yet, but there is a campaign coming soon that is part of a subversive initiative to bring banned media into North Korea, and you can help. Flash Drives For Freedom is putting the crème de la crème of American TV shows (like Desperate Housewives and Friends, according to this article) so that North Korean defectors can smuggle them into the country. The hope is to not only help open North Koreans’ minds, but remind Americans of the plight of intellectually repressed people around the world. Stay tuned for more information about their campaign.

Ready to start a campaign for your great idea? Remember to use inclusive language like “we” and “together,” be positive and download the free Indiegogo Field Guide!

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