Generosity by Indiegogo
October 21, 2015 · IGG

Introducing Generosity by Indiegogo


Generosity by Indiegogo

Since 2008, Indiegogo users have been spreading creativity, positivity, andif we might be so bolda can-do spirit that’s changing the world in ways both big and small. Even after seven years and tens of thousands of successful fundraisers, our community continues to surprise us every day with new ways of thinking, new ways of doing, and new ways of giving.

By almost any measure, your sense of compassion is staggering. Together you battled Parkinson’s and launched scholarships. You helped neighbors in need and memorialized loved ones. You taught a new generation to code. You overcame car accidents and floods and seemingly every type of curveball that life can throw.

Every day you inspire us to do more. And so today we’re excited to introduce Generosity, a new community for showing and sharing compassion through socially conscious fundraising.

Generosity for Causes of Every Shape & Size

Our goal is nothing short of becoming the world’s most active platform for compassionate giving, which is why we crafted Generosity specifically for the needs of socially minded nonprofits and individuals looking to solve both personal and community challenges. And because human goodness shouldn’t have limits, Generosity is free of the fees common to most personal and nonprofit fundraising sites, so more money goes straight to the causes you care about most.

If you’re new to our community, think of Generosity as the side of Indiegogo that leans more towards personal causes and community-minded campaigns. For those of you that already have experience launching or supporting nonprofit campaigns on Indiegogo and individual fundraisers on Indiegogo Life, you’ll now turn to Generosity for personal fundraising.

If you’re curious whether Generosity might be a good fit for your own situation, check out the Help & Support section or, even better, browse some of the fundraisers already active on the site. There’s no shortage of inspiration to be found.  

Ready to start spreading Generosity?

There’s no time like the present: Launch a fundraiser today, or pass along the news to a friend or your favorite nonprofit organization. You can also head over to the How it Works page on Generosity to learn more before getting started.

With your help, we’ve seen human goodness reach new heights on Indiegogo. We can’t wait to see what you do with Generosity!

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